The Hyperfactory International Ltd

Mobile Marketing, Media & Technology

Madison Alley’s advisory role for The Hyperfactory is a case study of how we strategically develop and realize premium value for our clients.

Madison Alley recognized the demand for mobile marketing services by strategic buyers. Our team scoured the market for leading providers and came upon The Hyperfactory.

We approached CEO Derek Handley of The Hyperfactory and were retained to raise strategic financing.

The Hyperfactory led the industry in coveted mobile marketing awards, yet it was not profitable and running low on funds.

• Madison Alley arranged an asset-based credit facility with a technology lender to provide immediate cash.

• Madison Alley set up a Promissory Note and attracted a prominent industry executive to provide strategic capital. Madison Alley also contributed a Promissory Note to demonstrate its confidence in the Company, ensure participation and increase funds.

The financing transactions provided time, but it was still not enough to protect the Company from its cash position.

The Hyperfactory and Madison Alley relentlessly pursued strategic investors and buyers.

As interest developed among various parties, Meredith Corporation emerged as an ideal strategic partner and the parties signed an exclusive term sheet.

Meredith introduced immediate client opportunities enabling The Hyperfactory to win a major account, an industry leading multinational consumer brand.

Meredith formally acquired an initial 19.9% strategic interest in The Hyperfactory. Both parties were delighted by the terms, complementary fit and opportunity.

One year later, encouraged by the success of this strategic partnership, Meredith exercised its option to acquire the remaining interest in The Hyperfactory.

The Hyperfactoy remains well positioned to lead the mobile market with the support of Meredith Corporation as a global strategic partner. And Madison Alley continues to advise and provide critical support.