At Madison Alley, our highly specialized team provides multi-faceted strategic advisory services for digital marketing, advertising, media and technology clients. We apply a proprietary four-step approach to effectively enhance and realize premium value for leading clients in this sector.

We analyze the strategic and financial position of a client and lay out a plan to enhance value by raising strategic capital, enabling organic growth and completing target acquisitions.

Once we position the Company as a clear market leader, we realize premium value by securing a capital transaction at the right time with the right strategic buyer.

Our relationships and deep insight into the diverse universe of strategic buyers, corporate venture investment groups, venture capital firms and acquisition targets enable clients to consider a broad variety of options to explore in this sector on a global basis.

Our commitment to align our interests with clients’ success further enables us to advise objectively and truly serve as client partners.

Growing companies can accelerate their growth with capital that fuels organic development, R&D and strategic acquisitions.

We review the balance sheet of each client and determine an optimal structure of blended capital from senior banks, subordinated debt providers, strategic corporate venture groups, venture capitalists and private equity firms. Identifying a suitable capital partner is a selective process and we tend to favor specialists with expertise in this sector.

Senior Technology Bank Financing
Banks can offer financing at low interest cost and minimal equity dilution in the form of a line of credit and senior term loan. We favor a few particular technology banks that tend to understand and adapt well to the needs of our rapidly growing technology clients.

Subordinated or Venture Debt
Subordinated or venture debt can increase capital at less ownership dilution than equity investment and for a longer term than senior bank borrowing.

Strategic Corporate Venture Investment
Commitment from a corporate strategic venture group tends to create a domino effect that attracts additional capital. As former strategic corporate investors and buyers ourselves, our network and expertise is well established in this area.

Active strategic investors in this sector include global media technology companies, traditional media conglomerates, software companies and marketing services holding companies, just to name a few.

Distinguished Industry Executives
Strategic investment can also come from our network of distinguished executive leaders of this industry.

Venture Capital
Certain venture capital investors that we favor specialize in digital media, advertising and technology. These select firms provide apparent strategic value and domain expertise beyond the money.

Strategic acquisitions supplement organic growth, enabling a company to enhance capabilities, expand geography and achieve scale.

We specialize in strategic M&A for digital marketing, advertising, media and technology companies. Our skills are particularly apparent on global, cross-border and complex transactions.

Once we identify the unique gaps and opportunities of a client, the Madison Alley team customizes and develops a Universe of strategic target acquisition candidates.

Our extensive networking and monitoring of emerging companies in the digital marketing, advertising, media and technology sector enable us to introduce and provide insight into a comprehensive set of attractive targets including many that fall below the radar. Based on the client specifications, we also scour the market meticulously for additional targets, as necessary.

As long-time specialists leading deals in this sector, we’re keenly aware of market valuations and effective deal structures for companies in this sector.

For many clients, growth by acquisiiton presents a great opportunity. But, we are also mindful of and particularly sensitive to the uncertainties and risks inherent in merging entities.

We consider many variables and apply our extensive M&A experience to determine the suitability of an acquisition, deal structure, incentive alignment, valuation, etc., all pursuant to ensuring long-term, post-deal success.

Realizing premium value is the pinnacle of the four-stage process and the moment of Glory for all of us – the client, shareholders and the Madison Alley team.

Throughout the advisory process, we evolve clients to a unique market position where buyers are willing to pay premium value for a quality scarce asset.

For each client, Madison Alley customizes and develops a Universe of select strategic buyers. We provide deep insight into the increasingly varied profiles and interests of each qualified buyer.

To illustrate the massive convergence in digital marketing, advertising, media and technology, the universe of companies acquiring assets now includes global and domestic marketing services holding companies, pure-play digital marketing services companies, media companies, media technology companies, database marketing companies, private equity groups with an operating platform, PEGs seeking an initial platform and venture-backed private companies.

Madison Alley provides comprehensive advisory services that include managing discussions with interested buyers; structuring the transaction; negotiating and analyzing deal terms; and reviewing the LOI, purchase agreement and other documents pursuant to closing a Transaction.

We are obsessive in our attention to detail and determined to realize premium value for each of our clients.

We invite you to reach us and explore the opportunity to realize premium value for your business.

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