Our team is highly specialized with deep roots and a fundamental understanding of the digital marketing, advertising, media and technology sector.

Our individual experiences trace back to the very emergence of the sector, 15 years ago in the mid-1990′s when the Internet first realized commercial and mass appeal.

We contributed to industry pioneers – digital media companies CompuServe and America Online in their hyper-growth years of 1994-1997; The Interpublic Group in its prolific acquisition era of the late 1990′s and early 2000′s; and digital marketing and technology agencies LBi International and Razorfish/aQuantive in their emergence of the late 2000′s.

We are seasoned CEO, global strategic planning and corporate development executives from prominent leaders of the industry.

We are well versed in optimizing capital structures (credit/debt and strategic investment), growth M&A to enhance value, and strategic sell-side M&A to realize premium value for shareholders.

Our integrity, retention of trust, and commitment to the success of our clients are without compromise.

An Investment-style Approach to the Accretion of Share Value.

Like investors, we meticulously select a portfolio of clients. We intently listen to our clients to fundamentally understand, artfully position and articulate the distinct value of their business to the market.

As appropriate, we secure investment and/or debt capital financing and execute key strategic acquisitions. In parallel, we expose clients to the universe of possibilities at the top executive levels – all pursuant to, at the time and manner of the owner’s choosing, realizing full value for the sale or other liquidity of the business.

Our role is to simply provide clients with firsthand visibility and exposure to the wide variety of strategic options that exist.

We are not merely sell-side advisors nor strictly transaction advisors. In adherence with our long-term investment approach, we encourage clients to sell only if and when a deal is suitable.

Strategic Growth via Equity Investment, Debt Capital Financing and Acquisitions.

Recognizing that clients are at various stages of development and often benefit from a variety of strategic capital transactions, we successfully secure strategic financing and lead buy-side acquisitions to grow the business.

Proper alignment enables us to appreciate and be driven by the same risks and rewards as our client and assess alternatives without conflicting bias.

As a result, we have no inclination towards a more immediate sale of our client’s business. We are driven to realize full value for shareholders if and when the right opportunity presents itself.

Our case studies illustrate that our long term value enhancing approach provides dramatic results and premium value for our clients.